Body Polish

Body Treatments go back to ancient times starting with milk baths to soften the skin of Cleopatra. Also water therapies using sea water long revered for its high mineral content and therapeutic value in healing and alleviating ailments like arthritis and skin conditions.

Many body treatments used today utilize ingredients derived from the sea including sea salts, marine algae, seaweeds, and plants providing valuable nutrients which are easily utilized by our bodies. Studies conducted have found that the chemical composition of sea water is identical to the chemical makeup of the water found in our own bodies.

Therefore, it is believed that the body easily assimilates these minerals and nutrients to aide in any deficiencies.  It also aides in balancing the body by assisting in elimination of trapped toxins or even fat trapped in our cells which not only affect our appearance but also store even more toxins.

Thalassotherapy centers have long been visited in most countries in Europe to aide in health issues as well as “Preventative Health” along with the use of saunas and steam rooms.

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