How to get the best experience from your massage

Follow these tips before and after your massage to prolong the results and flush toxins from your body.

– Speak up, let your massage therapist know what body parts are bothering you. Any sore or tight muscles, areas that may need stretching or tender spots. That way they can tailor your massage to your concerns.

– Do NOT over do it with alcoholic beverages! A glass or 2 of wine or a cocktail wont hurt your massage but more than that is counterproductive to the toxin flushing results of your massage.

– Drink plenty of water. Hydrating the body will help by flushing out toxins that your massage therapist has broken up from your body tissues. If these toxins are not flushed then they will settle back into the tissues and will not be removed from the body.

– Take it easy for the rest of the day. Allow that relaxation to soak in and remain stress free.

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