The shared benefits of Yoga and Massage, how to soothe chronic pain in the body

For years I had a chronic shoulder injury. It would appear at the most inopportune time, flaring up like fire under my shoulder blade. Being the owner of a day spa you would think this wouldn’t be a problem, massage was all around me and yes, I asked everyone to work on that shoulder until I couldn’t feel the pain anymore. Massage is and was a great fix for the pain but not for the cause of the pain. As I went about my daily life eventually that pain would come back rearing its ugly head once again. It wasn’t until I started doing yoga that this pain disappeared like the wind. At first I didn’t notice, I was feeling so centered and calm. Then one day, months later, my husband asked about my shoulder. It dawned on me that day that this pain was gone, my shoulder had been strengthened by the yoga and the regular massage had soothed these tired muscles, aha! No more pain!

Yoga is so much more than just stretching or a workout. It links your breathing, your life force, mind, soul and body creating a sacred space to practice this healing therapy. Using your own body weight to work and strengthen your muscles and then stretching to calm these muscles all while practicing proper breathing techniques creates a whole body experience cleansing toxins from organs, mind and body. They say the proof is in the pudding, well, Im the pudding!

Combining this beautiful and personal practice with the therapeutic effects of massage creates the perfect scenario for healing within your body. Don’t be afraid to start new things, both yoga and massage cultures are healing, accepting and encouraging practices.

Take a chance and try something healing and renewing this New Year, cheers to a pain free you!

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